Student Reviews

Our Students regularly send us positive feedback about our Legal Secretary courses and our team.

Read about how our Students have enjoyed their studies and how their qualifications have helped them secure Legal Secretary jobs.

We have a wide range of Students - from those who have no previous experience in law to experienced Legal Secretaries who want to gain a formal qualification. We also have law graduates who study our course to gain practical skills and get their foot in the door. ILSPA's Students are based in the UK and around the world in places such as Dubai, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands.

Our team loves receiving feedback from our Students as it makes our work so worthwhile. We are passionate about our roles and enjoy helping people with their Legal Secretary careers.

ILSPA gave me the opportunity to start in the law industry

I discovered ILSPA while reading a job offer. I am French and moved to London. I wanted to change my career and I have always been interested in law, so ILSPA gave me the opportunity to start in the law industry. I really appreciated the course because it is well explained and motivates you to learn more. I am now looking for a Legal Secretary position and I would like to pursue my studies to be a qualified Paralegal. Thank you again for your support.

I already work in the legal profession

I enjoyed this course. It was very information and I feel it covered the whole syllabus in great detail. I already work in the legal profession and this has helped my knowledge and skills massively to gain a higher qualification and position in the office.

I like that the course offers help with CVs

I absolutely loved studying this Legal Secretary course. It is very well written, straightforward and beautifully explained. I found it a good price too. I enrolled for expanding my personal knowledge in law and practice. I like that the course offers help with CVs in order to find a Legal Secretary job. I am not a Legal Secretary at the moment but hoping to become one with the help of this course.

The employers were amazed by what the course included

I always wanted to have a career in law but knew I did not want to attend university. I had a full-time job unrelated to law and decided taking this course would help me stand out from others when applying for positions. I began working as a Legal Secretary 4 months ago. This diploma caught the attention of the Partners who interviewed me and most certainly helped me secure the position. The employers were amazed by what the course included.

This course has boosted my confidence

I applied for the Legal Secretary course to help me to pursue a future career as a Legal Secretary. I found all of the units of the course very interesting and really enjoyed learning how to draft various legal documents. This course has boosted my confidence in myself and my learning abilities - being able to see the results of the achievement tests straight away helped to keep me motivated. My course assessor Maria was very helpful with the couple of questions that I had during my studies and I would definitely recommend this course.