Legal Secretary Course Testimonials

ILSPA's Students regularly send positive feedback about our courses and ILSPA's team.

Read about how our Students have enjoyed their studies and how their qualifications have helped them secure Legal Secretary jobs.

We have a wide range of Students - from those who have no previous experience in law to experienced Legal Secretaries who want to gain a formal qualification. We also have law graduates who study our course to gain practical skills and get their foot in the door.

Our team loves receiving feedback from our Students as it makes our work so worthwhile. We are passionate about our roles and really enjoy helping people with their Legal Secretary career.

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I have learnt so much

I have really enjoyed doing this course. I have learnt so much that will help me be more confident in my current role.

Everyone I spoke to at ILSPA were so helpful

I really enjoyed the course. I got to learn a lot of new information and everyone I spoke to at ILSPA were so helpful.

This course has been invaluable in detailing my day to day role

I have really enjoyed the course and have found it incredibly useful in my job as a legal secretary. I was completely new to the profession, having previously been an archeaologist, so this course has been invaluable in detailing my day to day role, and how best to fulfill my potential as a legal secretary. Thank you. I feel that the basic background legal knowledge will help me better understand what my legal advisers need from me, so I can better support them.

Great course with clear instructions and information

Great course with clear instructions and information. So helpful to be able to pay in monthly instalments. Staff were also extremely helpful with queries.

The course has been excellent

The course has been excellent. A great balance of theory and practical assessments. The coursework is well written and coupled with the excellent support given by the team at ILSPA, any student has the best chance of really learning, and most importantly understanding, the legal system.