Student Terms and Conditions

Please note that your acceptance on our courses constitutes a binding agreement between the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs (ILSPA) and yourself. Students must agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined as follows.

Requirements for Admission

There are no entry requirements for the course, however, we recommend that you have a good typing speed, computer literacy, an understanding of Microsoft Word, and a good standard of spoken and written English. If you do not have these skills, ILSPA Students can receive a 50% discount on Microsoft Office courses. We can also recommend a fantastic free online typing course, which is studied by thousands of Students wanting to improve their speed and accuracy. Please contact us for details.


Classes: Cancellation of a course place can be made before the course starts. A refund will be issued within 14 days minus a £15 administration charge. Once you have cancelled your place on a course, you will not be able to enrol again in the future. When you have been offered a place on the course and it has started, you are not entitled to a refund if you drop out – under any circumstances. We have a set number of places to offer Students and if you take one of those places, you must pay for it in full.

Distance Learning: Cancellation of the course can be made within 30 days. A refund of the course fee will be issued within 14 days minus a £15 administration charge. Refunds will not be given after this period under any circumstances, nor will they be given if any coursework has been marked. This applies to all Students whether they pay in full or by instalments. Payment plans must be honoured. If you choose to re-enrol in the future, you will not have the option to cancel your enrolment again. 

Outstanding Course Fees

When course instalments are overdue and your payment plan is not honored, you will be contacted by the Institute to make the necessary payment. If payment is not made within the stipulated time scale, the Institute will endeavor to recover the amount owed through the Courts, if necessary. It is the responsibility of Students to manage their own study.  Once the class has started, the course fees are payable in accordance with the provisions of the payment plan even though the Student, for whatever reason, may not complete the course. If you face financial hardship to the extent of being unable to pay any instalment, ILSPA must be notified before the instalment falls due and every consideration will be given to temporarily restructure payments. Students who do not pay their course fees will not be awarded qualifications.

Transferring Courses

Classes: If you would like to transfer your course place to a later date before the course has started, no extra fees will apply. If the course has started, an extra charge of £200 will apply on top of the original course fee.

Non-transferability of Course

Your course place is not transferable to any other party.

Course Duration

Classes: The teaching time is a total of 36 hours. However, time is required outside of class to read the study material and complete the coursework. The course must be completed within one year. ILSPA introduced the one-year time frame in September 2013.  Students who enrolled before this time have the option to re-start their studies if they re-enrol.

Distance Learning: The course must be completed within one year. The Institute introduced the one year time frame in September 2013.  Students who enrolled before this time have the option to re-start their studies if they re-enrol.


If you have not completed the course within one year, you will need to apply for an extension in writing by emailing us before your deadline. You will also be required to renew your Student Membership at a cost of £50 as this is only free for one year. When emailing us, you must explain your reasons for not being able to complete the course within the one-year time frame. Extensions are granted for extenuating circumstances and the maximum amount of additional time we can give is three months. Further extensions are not allowed after this period, under any circumstances. If you do not complete your coursework by the extension deadline, you will be unable to achieve a qualification and will not have the opportunity to re-enrol for the course. 

Assessment and Certification

All tests and assessments will be set, and the marking undertaken by the Institute, and will be the sole determinant in making awards. All assessments will be taught and conducted in accordance with the ILSPA’s regulations and procedures. Certificates are only awarded to those who pass the course after full completion of their coursework. Paying the course fee does not automatically entitle Students to a qualification. They must pass all the tests and assessments to achieve it. If Students fail any part of the course, they are given the opportunity to redo their work.  If they do not pass on the second attempt, we are unable to issue the full Diploma qualification.  However, we can issue individual Certificates for any of the four practical assessment units which are passed.

Coursework Re-Takes

Students have the opportunity to retake their coursework if they fail, within their deadline. There is no additional charge for achievement tests but there is a set reassessment charge of £35 for the practical assessments included in the course. There is no re-assessment fee for Students who enrolled after January 2023 as they are on our new online system.

Course Re-enrolment

Students are not able to re-enrol for the course if they have not completed their studies after the one-year deadline or an extension has been requested. It is essential for Students to adhere to the time frame set by the Institute for studying. Extensions are only granted in extenuating circumstances and if Students fail to complete the course after receiving an extension, they are not allowed to re-enrol. The only exception to this is for Students who enrolled before 2013 (when the one year deadline was introduced) and did not complete the course. This exception does not apply to those who failed the course, before or after 2013.


Students of the Institute are entitled to one year’s free Membership.  If Students want to renew or upgrade their Membership after that period, they are required to pay a fee of £50.

Refusal of Admission/Expulsion

ILSPA reserves the right to refuse admission or expel any Students for improper conduct or any conduct that interferes with the well-being of other Students, staff or the reputation of ILSPA.


The Legal Secretaries Diploma course material is copyrighted by ILSPA. Unlimited access to and use of the course material is granted to Students of the Institute for the purpose of personal study only.


The laws of England and Wales shall apply in all respects and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of any dispute arising between the Institute and a Student in respect of the terms of an agreement, the dispute shall be referred to a senior member of ILSPA’s staff. This member of staff shall act in good faith and use all reasonable endeavors to resolve the dispute to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.


Any notice or communication between ILSPA and a Student must be in writing.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Everyone who contacts ILSPA is treated with courtesy and respect. We expect our Students and Members to communicate with us in the same way. We have a zero tolerance approach to any rudeness, abuse or harassment experienced by our staff. This includes intimidating, aggressive or abusive language, swearing or raising of the voice. It is not acceptable to display behaviour which makes staff feel uncomfortable or threatened. If you display behaviour of this nature, you will have your Membership removed and you will no longer be able to study with ILSPA.