Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the answers to our most frequently asked questions here, such as what help is available whilst studying one of our Legal Secretary courses or whether you can study overseas.

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We are happy to answer any queries you have. We can also advise you on the best step to take in your career. ILSPA's team is friendly and happy to help.

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Are there any age restrictions to do ILSPA's courses?

We have a wide range of Students studying our courses, from school leavers who want to start their careers to mature people who want to change their careers.

Are there any examinations for the course?

ILSPA's Legal Secretaries Diploma course is assessed through coursework which consists of multiple-choice achievement tests and practical assessments. The achievement tests are online and the assessments involve the production of legal documents, forms and letters.

Can I do the Legal Secretaries Diploma course if my typing skills are not very good?

You are welcome to enrol for the course, but it is also advisable to improve your typing skills at the same time. A good typing speed is essential to gain employment as a Legal Secretary. There is a good free typing skills platform which we can recommend. You will also be able to advance your typing skills through the practical assessments in our course.

Can I enrol for the Legal Secretaries Diploma course without any legal experience?

We have a wide range of Students with varying levels of experience. The course is designed for those who have no previous experience in law and will provide you with the legal knowledge and practical legal skills you need to work as a Legal Secretary. The course is also suitable for those who have an existing knowledge of law and want to gain a professional qualification.

Can I get help with the course if I study by distance learning?

When you enrol, you will be given your Course Assessor's details so that you can contact her if you need any support. She will be able to answer any queries you have and help you with your coursework. 

Can I secure a Legal Secretary job without prior experience

Many of our Students haven't had any previous experience in law and secure employment on the strength of the Legal Secretaries Diploma qualification. It is very comprehensive and provides you with the legal knowledge and practical skills to be a competent Legal Secretary. Some of our Students even secure jobs before they have finished their studies as recruiters are aware of the value of the course. The important thing to keep in mind is everyone has to start at the beginning. Every experienced Legal Secretary was once inexperienced, in the same position as you. There are a wide variety of Legal Secretary positions available such as junior, trainee and those that require someone with good secretarial skills and a recognised Legal Secretary qualification.

Can I study the Legal Secretaries Diploma course if I don't live in the UK?

We have Students studying by distance learning throughout the world. Please note that our course covers English law, and there will be differences between our legal system and the legal systems in some other countries.  However, people who live in countries that follow the common law system will find the course very beneficial.  

Can I study the course if English is not my first language?

Yes, provided that your spoken and written English is of a good standard. 

Do I need any qualifications to study the Legal Secretaries Diploma course?

There are no specific qualifications that you need to have in order to study our course. We advise that you have a good standard of spoken and written English, are computer literate, have a good typing speed and an understanding of Microsoft Word.

Do I need to buy any books or equipment for the Legal Secretaries Diploma course?

You will find everything you need to do the course online.  We provide all the study material and coursework. You simply need to have a computer and a printer at home to complete the coursework.  

Do you hold evening classes outside of London?

We only hold evening classes at Regent's University in London. The majority of our Students study the course from home by distance learning because they live throughout the country and overseas. You can study the course from home either by enrolling on our Distance Learning course or Live Online Classes. With the Distance Learning course, you can start at any time of year and study at your own pace from home. The Live Online Classes allow you to attend a taught class online. 

How can I pay for the course fees if I am on a low income?

We offer Students the chance to pay their course fees by affordable monthly instalments.  There is no interest charged.

How many Students attend the live online classes?

We usually have a class of up to 24 Students.

How many UCAS points is the course worth?

The Legal Secretaries Diploma course is a vocational qualification designed to help people secure employment in the legal field. As such, our qualification does not equate to UCAS points for those wanting to study at University. However, we can provide references to Universities, and our qualification has helped many Students gain acceptance.

Is the Legal Secretaries Diploma a recognised qualification?

Our Legal Secretaries Diploma course is well recognised by law firms and legal recruiters throughout the country.  Law firms very much value the qualification on people's CVs when they apply for roles. They also enrol their Secretaries on our courses to further their legal knowledge and skills. ILSPA is recommended by the National Careers Service as well as many other legal and secretarial organisations.

Is the Legal Secretaries Diploma course suitable for Law Graduates?

We have many law graduates studying our course to gain the practical legal skills they need in order to work in law firms, which are not covered in a law degree.  The course will help you get your foot in the door and provide a solid foundation for career advancement.

Is the qualification different if I study by distance learning?

You receive the same qualification whether you study by distance learning, live online classes or through evening classes. The certificate you receive having completed the course will make no distinction as to how you studied.  All of the study methods hold equal worth.

What level is the Legal Secretaries Diploma?

The Legal Secretaries Diploma course is very comprehensive and equivalent to a level 3 qualification.  

What salary can I expect as a Legal Secretary?

The salaries for Legal Secretaries can vary dramatically depending on the responsibilities of the position, the area of the country that the employment is based in and the type of company you work for. Salaries in London can start at around £20,000 a year, with up to £45,000 a year being paid to highly experienced Legal Secretaries.  The more experience you gain, the higher salary you can achieve. There are excellent opportunities for career advancement as a Legal Secretary. You can get a good idea of salaries in your area by looking at our Legal Secretary Jobs board.

When I pass the course, will I be able to work as a Legal Secretary?

When you have passed the course, you will be a qualified Legal Secretary. ILSPA's Legal Secretaries Diploma qualification will show recruiters that you have the legal knowledge and practical skills required for a Legal Secretary role. If you need assistance in finding a job, we can provide you with CV help and guidance to secure employment.