Help us define industry standards and find out if you are being paid fairly in 2024: Take part in the TotallyLegal Salary Survey.

TotallyLegal, the UK’s leading specialist legal job site for lawyers and legal professionals, is turning to its valued audience and followers to contribute to the 2024 salary survey.

Following a year of uncertainty and continued resilience to innumerable economic challenges, TotallyLegal strives to investigate and understand the 2024 legal employment market. Building on findings from previous audience insight surveys, we strive to determine the current trends, challenges and changes facing the legal recruitment landscape.

TotallyLegal asks for your confidential feedback from across the legal profession including legal secretaries and legal PAs, working both in-house and in law firms across all practice areas.

The 2024 Salary Survey will provide you with the unique opportunity to find out if you're being paid fairly in your current role and help us define industry standards by showing employers and recruiters what sort of environment you want to work in. 

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