The April edition of DEDICATED - The Legal Secretary Journal is now available online.

One of the advantages of working in the legal secretarial profession is the opportunity for career progression. This month, we have provided some advice on how you can advance your legal career and highlighted some of our high-achieving graduates.

Professional development is an important factor in having a rewarding career. It keeps you motivated and helps you acquire the skills needed for your role. If you work from home though, you may feel unsure about how to access training and development opportunities. Freelance Legal Secretary, Jason Philips, explains how you can upskill yourself as a remote worker.

A skill that benefits everyone is having the ability to focus. Whether you are studying or working, a well-focused mind is an essential tool. So, how can you ensure that your brain is working as efficiently as possible? Find out in our useful article.

You can also read about a recent judgment which was made concerning the Tate Modern and its neighbours. It is a very interesting case - you may have heard about it in the news!